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Looking to build a dApp on Egochain? Following this documentation and our academy you can learn how and become part of the rich ecosystem of Egochain . Whether you are building new use cases on Egochain or porting an existing dApp from another chain, you'll want to check out the sections on

  1. Building and deploying EVM Smart Contracts

  2. Integrating wallets (e.g. Keplr and MetaMask) into your Frontend

  3. Available developer Tools

Once tested on Testnet and deployed on Mainnet, you can start earning an income on transaction fees from interacting with your dApp or register your tokens for cross-chain use.

Why develop dApps on Egochain?

The Egochain Core Development Team is on a mission to provide the foundational tools necessary for building the cross-chain applications of the future, freeing developers from the confines of today’s siloed blockchains.

Egochain focuses on cross-chain innovation so that developers can build entirely new dApp experiences for their users. Deploying smart contracts on Egochain is easy, as the Egochain blockchain is fully compatible with Ethereum and its rich ecosystem of robust tooling, wallets, explorers, a surplus of assets, and intelligent end-users. At the same time, Egochain allows developers to build scalable EVM dApp chains with the upcoming Egochain SDK and it hosts one of the most active community governance that seeks fairness across all key actors (users, builders, and validators).

Egochain does this by leveraging the interoperability of the Cosmos Ecosystem and the market-dominating support for EVM development. This allows dApp developers to use Ethereum smart contracts to implement the business logic on-chain while having access to Cosmos chain functionalities, such as exchanging value with the rest of the Cosmos Ecosystem through the Inter Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC).


You can also contribute to the Egochain ecosystem without building a dApp. Head over to tools to learn how to contribute as a full-stack developer by building new dev tools or protocols to help out building the core protocol.

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