When creating a Layer 1 (L1) protocol chain, taking security seriously is of utmost importance. L1 protocols are the backbone of the blockchain ecosystem, and any security vulnerabilities within the L1 can lead to a range of potential consequences, from financial loss to reputation damage to even the collapse of the entire network. As such, security is an essential aspect of developing any L1 protocol chain, and security must be considered at every step of the development process. Check out our Audits.

Despite our best efforts, security issues may still arise in our L1 protocol chain. In such cases, we encourage our users to report any vulnerabilities or bugs they may find. For sensitive bugs, we ask that users submit the issue to Egaxd Security, which is a third-party security platform that helps us identify, triage, and resolve security issues in a confidential and secure manner. For non-sensitive bugs, we encourage users to file an open ticket on our Egaxd Github Repo so that our team can address the issue as quickly as possible.

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